Why is Kotlin known as the future of Android app development?


Why is Kotlin known as the future of Android app development?

Why is Kotlin known as the future of Android app development?

kotlin vs java. Everyone is aware of the fact that Java is the most used language for developing Android applications. Millions of apps have already been developed in this language and they do a great job of helping companies increase conversion rates and allow them to generate huge revenues.

Why is Kotlin known as the future of Android app development?

Meanwhile, the launch of a new language called Kotlin has changed the entire scenario. It has become the preferred language for the majority of developers.

The main reason for the increasing popularity of Kotlin is that it makes Android app development very easy.

It makes it easy for developers to take advantage of those features that they are always looking for while building mobile apps on the Android platform. Thanks to JetBrains that coded and launched this language, which gained additional support from the internet search engine giant Google.

The real reason why Google adopts this language for developing Android applications is because it is called the Next Generation Language for being a flexible, robust and democratic approach.

Another reason why Kotlin is so popular with Android app development is that it is highly interoperable with current Android languages. The main purpose of launching this language is to help developers get everything to build an Android app that they cannot use with Java.

Best advantages of adopting Kotlin for Android app development:
As mentioned earlier, Kotlin enables developers to have many important features to help them de-stress while developing Android apps and carrying out the entire development process effortlessly. Take a look at some of the great benefits developers can only find with Kotlin.

IDE support
Kotlin’s biggest advantage is that it gets IDE support, which makes it a very mature language. More and more, the new programming language also went through multiple stages of alpha and beta optimizations before the product was finally launched.

This clearly means that Kotlin has already been used on various projects, even before its official launch. JetBrains has introduced this programming language with the main aim of making its use more practical with a number of other great features from some other programming languages ​​and also first-class id support.

Kotlin’s world-class IDE support allows developers to use many Java features while developing Android apps.

Another great feature of using Kotlin for developing Android apps is that it is fast. It helps the language to have the ability to integrate seamlessly with Android Studio. If we talk about Kotlin, then it is ready to work even in 10 minutes or less.

When it comes to Android 2.3, it just requires plugins seamlessly integrate with the Kotlin language while Android 3.0 tends to integrate seamlessly to be the same. Similar to Java, Kotlin gets the ability to work from the IDE. One can easily correct mistakes even without encountering any hustle and bustle.

Brevity is another important reason why nowadays developers prefer to take advantage of Kotlin over its predecessor for Android app development. The old Android app development language is said to be lengthy and thus often creates ambiguity.

The big advantage of brevity is that it gives a kind of assurance that it removes error from the code and makes it clean, clear and high quality. It also eliminates all the complexities involved in Android app development, thus making the entire process fast and hassle-free.

Why is Kotlin known as the future of Android app development?

Open source
JetBrains announced Kotlin as an open source technology in 2012, thus giving freedom to developers to utilize it to create a range of Android apps. The new language allows developers to conduct Android app development while maintaining quality and also benefit from support from the Kotlin Stack Team.

Make development work easier
It’s something that was the primary purpose Kolin introduced to developing Android apps. There is no denying the fact that Kotlin is a simple yet powerful language, which is why it is ahead of its predecessor Java.

If we talk about Java, it basically suffers from some strict issues. On the other hand, Scala is very heavier and its rate of aggregation is also known to be slow.

So, above are the reasons why Kotlin is heading to the future of Android app development. If you also plan to develop your business app on this Article Search platform, it is suggested that you hire an Android app developer who specializes in using Kotlin.


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