Who is Web developer?

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Who is Web developer?

Who is Web developer?

A web developer is a PC software engineer had practical experience in or explicitly engaged with the improvement of uses of the World Wide Web, or applications that are kept running from a web server on an internet browser and that utilization the HTTP convention as a transmission vector some data.

There are no scholarly requirements to start in web development. Be that as it may, numerous resources and business colleges offer courses in web improvement. There are likewise numerous instructional exercises and articles to learn web advancement, openly available on the web – for instance: JavaScript, C#, Jquery …

Regardless of whether there is no requirement for formal instructive prerequisites, tending to web improvement ventures requires the individuals who characterize themselves as web engineers to have propelled information/abilities by:

– HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript

– Server/customer engineering side

– Programming/Coding/Scripting in one of numerous server-side or systems (eg Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, CFML – ColdFusion, Java, ASP, ASP.NET)

– Capacity to utilize a database:

– Making a solitary web application with the utilization of instruments, for example, EmberJS3, ReactJS4 or AngularJS5

The qualities of the web developer / engineer:

The engineer must show certain characteristics so as to do the different undertakings endowed to him:

1 – Be autonomous

2 – To be organized: to keep a calendar of the undertakings to be executed and to regard the due dates

3 – Expertise to work in a group

4 – To adjust to the specificities of each task and to propose the best arrangements

5 – Expertise to refresh your insight