What is SEO?


What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is one of the most searched words of website owners. SEO means Search engines optimization, primarily Google. Search engines are the most important sources of traffic for any site, so webmasters are keen to make their site compatible with the search engines, known as SEO. Each search engine has requirements on the site to show it to researchers.

In this topic we will publish the most important requirements of the search engines in your site to appear in those engines in an advanced order…

SEO starts with choosing a site name as a relationship between the content and the name is related to the search engine’s ranking of your site on the first pages.

To have your site compatible with SEO, your site must contain a map to facilitate the search engines within your site, contain all the links within your site, and the map is not only useful for SEO, but also important for your visitors. And access to what they want inside your site easily and is pleased with the requirements of the SEO.

Programming errors in your site and its slow impact on the SEO is very negative, so you should check your site continuously to be compatible with SEO.

To make it easier for engines to work within your site and to have your site compatible with SEO you should be interested in writing the appropriate Meta tag for your site.

There is no successful SEO without exclusive topics, search engines do not show sites that rely on content transferred in advanced pages, and should not target the content directly – it means not be writing for the purpose of SEO – but should target the site visitor and what he wants to see on the site.

SEO is not just inside your site, but search engines scan all the links to your site in external sites. These links are a kind of strong SEO, which makes search engines show your site to search for words related to your site, but provided that these links match With SEO standards, and not spam.


To make your site compatible with SEO, you should be careful to write tags, especially images, which are often neglected by webmasters, but are really very important in the SEO, and your site may appear to hundreds of visitors a day because of interest in tagging.

Some of them are trying to swindle Google to improve the site’s SEO, by typing a certain word in a large number on the site with the same background color so that the visitors do not see it, and Google sees it. However, Google has a mechanism known as that method; it deletes your site from its results, every effort I made in SEO.

SEO does not mean repeating a word randomly in your site to appear in Google, repeating a topic in your site more than once loses you a lot for Google, where it conflicts with the SEO.