Trends Driving UX/UI Development in 2020


Trends Driving UX/UI Development in 2020

Trends Driving UX/UI Development in 2020

Align all the latest trends in development for the next year 2020 to start the project by contracting with a mobile application development company for your project.

It is assessed that about 90% of customers stop using mobile applications due to poor performance. This examination showed that UX design is never a competitive advantage on its own. Instead, user experience is a key component in ensuring long-term market success.

For an effective mobile app, you need to see at the outset how to identify the user’s pain points and knowing their practices and underlying needs is the best way to ensure the exceptional performance of the product.

Human and technological relationships are constantly evolving. However, companies have to ensure that they focus on UX design in their mobile app development projects.

In a time of UX design principles that may not change, technologies and trends can definitely do that. In this blog, we can see and identify the UX design trends that will be a big blast in 2020 and 2021.

UX design trends in 2020:

Audio experiences:

As eMarketer predicted, there are nearly 100 million smartphone users who will use Voice Assistant in 2020. The advent of voice technology has made Voice Search around 50% by 2020. Brands are integrating more and more voice search technologies into mobile phones. . The apps have started to include an audio user interface (VUI). At the very least, companies are trying to integrate the GUI into some capabilities to meet the changing expectations of smartphone users.

Voice search experience faces many obstacles on its dock; Accessibility issues are a primary concern because current audio technologies have shown difficulties in correctly identifying instructions where there are intense accents or background noise.

Designing a healthier relationship with technology:

The world is awakening to the demands of the interrelated relationship with innovation. Mobile app customers need answers to their pain areas, but at the same time, they need their app time. Instead of struggling to think, mobile app designers must discover importance and consolation while maintaining a central place in a customer’s daily life.

The trend focuses on UI / UX designers for mobile devices who need to keep up with the pace of technology to develop healthy habits and design experiences that allow users to respect their personal goals while respecting their lives outside of the app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) bring deeper customization:

2019 saw significant growth towards more extensive and more advanced mobile user experience customization. As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to make a huge leap in the ability to understand user behavior and interactions, mobile products or applications become more personalized with each passing year.

When it comes to UX design, the key is to make something flexible according to users’ choice and preferences. Functions and content within the app must be identified by user data, such as location, purchasing behavior, online communities, events, and personal calendars.

Ongoing approach to design between IoT and wearable devices with the cloud:

The Internet of Things and smart devices is growing steadily and continuously. By default, users expect seamless integration and responsive design that covers all devices and platforms.

Mobile UX designers need to create an integrated experience between the physical design and features of each model, along with the interactive design within the entire IoT system.

With 5G technologies, it will slowly start to emerge, allowing for more stable networks and more applications to rely on the cloud. For mobile app developers, this will be a valuable tool when it comes to designing continuity between IoT devices. Cloud-based connected devices allow designers to update all platforms and software. As a result, it will provide users with seamless transitions between system elements with minimal effort, optimization, and wasted time.

UI / UX Status in Mobile App Development:

UX Design Case in mobile app development has not adopted the traditional approach but is dedicated not only to changes in user interaction, preferences and behaviors but also to the physical changes of the devices that use them.

With the change in technology, the design must also adapt to provide users with a variety of options so that they can find the ones that meet their needs. User experience encompasses all aspects of end-user engagement with the company, its services, and its products.

Following the latest design trends will help UX designers and mobile app developers innovate and collaborate on free reprint articles, all in one place, quickly.

Still confused? Align the latest trends in design and development for the next year 2020 to start the project by contracting with a mobile application development company for your project.