The Cardinal Rules for Webdesign

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The Cardinal Rules for Webdesign

The Cardinal Rules for Webdesign

In the case of creating a new website or restructuring the existing site, it would be wise to follow some web design rules.

So it remains functional in addition to generating traffic with the help of relative search engine optimization in addition to user attractiveness.

While designing a website, there are some rules regarding content quality and clarity, browser compliance and easy-to-use features.

In web design, the quality and clarity of content is the main thing that includes many design factors, writing layout and color group so that the maximum number of people tends to go through. It would be better if sharp and bright colors are avoided during web design to ensure that the reader does not feel anxious while browsing the content and that the other factor that will be included in the basics is not to use any background image, lest it hinder the reader in any way and comes between effective communication.

It is understood that not all readers do not read all of the published content. Thus during the web design process, it must be preserved so that readers can access the most important feature only with a peek.


It is also considered a fairly easy-to-use exercise to avoid using long paragraphs and including important addresses and commas to facilitate skimming.


Browser compliance is a very important aspect of every design-related project. It is essential that during the web design process, pages are tested on standard and popular browsing systems such as Google Chrome, Internet Explores, Mozilla Firefox, etc.


As for adding as many easy-to-use features as possible, the designer is responsible for integrating every possible tool in order to ensure simplified navigation and an enjoyable experience in browsing webpage visitors. By using links and menus, a smoother link to the flow of information from one page to another should be published. The basic rule of web design is that a visitor should be able to find the information, if any, required in the first three mouse clicks.


If a person is able to infuse relatively more navigation points for users, it will help facilitate the navigation process for online visitors. There are relatively easy components, if combined, that can assist in easy page navigation through, such as the top menu, dropdown menus, etc., these can assist in cross-navigation across multiple sections of the website without making the user navigate through all the pages To reach the home page.


Besides the quality and clarity of the content, and the browser’s compliance with healthy fitness articles, another factor that needs the utmost importance during the web design process is the maintenance of the structure and consistency that must be managed throughout the site in addition to maintaining a lower weight for the page which helps in saving the time of loading the web page For users.