How to Use Twitter Analytics to Boost Sales and Traffic in 2020


How to Use Twitter Analytics to Boost Sales and Traffic in 2020

How to Use Twitter Analytics to Boost Sales and Traffic in 2020

Twitter analytics can help you draw constructive conclusions for your social media campaigns. This can go a long way in helping you decipher this data and ensure brand success.

Twitter is one of the most prominent social media platforms. It is a platform that has changed the digital marketing landscape and how brands communicate with their fans.

Every major brand and marketer invests tremendous resources to increase their social media presence and improve customer relationships. Although all commercial or brand projects ultimately aim to increase return on investment and sales while further improving their strategies for the future.

However, even seasoned marketers struggle to develop complete traffic guidance strategies and increase sales. You need a powerful Twitter analytics tool that can provide valuable insights to the audience to improve your targeted marketing campaigns.


TrackMyHashtag is an AI driven, analytics platform that can provide you with analytical insights. These analytical ideas can help you plan effective strategies that can not only increase engagement or traffic, but also conversion rates for your brand.

Key features of TrackMyHashtag,

Real-time engagement metrics
Identify localized content and target audience
Get real-time audience feedback
Identify the two main influences
Do a competitive analysis
Identify the most common and common hashtags
Monitor, track and analyze hashtag campaigns in real time

Benefits of Twitter Analytics

Now that you are aware of the benefits of TrackMyHashtag, let’s delve into the ways in which you can benefit from statistics to boost traffic and sales.

Plan effective data-driven strategies
TrackMyHashtag can help you gain comprehensive analytical insights about your Twitter profile, your followers, or any general Twitter account. You can reach key audience insights that can help you shape effective social media strategies. Careful analyzes can also help you anticipate future events or help you gauge the impact of past strategies. This can help you analyze effective marketing strategies to drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

Get valuable insights for the audience
TrackMyHashtag can help you analyze historical Twitter data for any public Twitter account. It can help you find effective accounts that you interact with frequently and add value to your Twitter profile. You can also analyze the accounts of these influencers to determine the right brand supporter to promote your brand.

Even if you are not a partner with influencers to promote your brand, their positive reviews (tweets) can help you win the trust of your users. Honestly, what would you suggest, a genuine branding or comment from the user?

Identify the ringing content and classification marks
Gaining new followers is important, but it is equally important to keep the current followers engaged. Building attractive followers and a steady increase is necessary to increase the number of visits and sales. TrackMyHashtag can help you identify resounding content topics that you can use to plan an effective content strategy that not only keeps the audience engaged but also increases your social media presence.

Analyze your presence on social media
The powerful Twitter Analytics tool can help you analyze performance metrics for any generic Twitter account. You can get accurate statistics for reach, impressions, and engagement. It can help you analyze the impact of your implemented strategies in real time. It can help you improve strategies in real time if the KPIs are low.

Final thoughts

Twitter Analytics is now an indispensable and key factor that can help you convert the stream of popular social media to your advantage. Now it can only help you to analyze your brand’s Twitter profile, but it is also able to analyze your competitors’ social media moves.